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Condition Grading
Throughout the site all models are given a condition grading. The first letter applies to the model and the second to the box or packaging.
  • A+ = Mint
  • As new Condition
  • A = Excellent
  • Only the slightest faults
  • B = Very Good
  • Some signs of wear
  • C = Good
  • With obvious wear
  • D = Fair
  • Possibly parts missing
  • E = Poor
  • Restoration project only
  • NB = Loose
  • No box or packaging
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Corgi Classics Price Guide Directory Pages

Corgi Classics Price Guide

Showing model numbers 97821-97930

97821 Corgi Classics Daimler 1/2 Cab
Swan Motor Company
97822 Corgi Classics Daimler CW Bus
Derby Corporation
97824 Corgi Classics Daimler Fleetline Bus
Birmingham City
97825 Corgi Classics Daimler CVD6
District Motor Services
97826 Corgi Classics Daimler Fleetline Bus
Manchester Corporation
97828 Corgi Classics Daimler Fleetline Bus
Rochdale Corp
97829 Corgi Classics Daimler CW Utility Bus
97830 Corgi Classics Daimler Duple Coach
Scout Motor Services
97840 Corgi Classics Scammell Highwayman Tanker
97853 Corgi Classics K6A Utility Bus
97857 Corgi Classics Bristol K Utility Bus
London Transport
97870 Corgi Classics Karrier W4 Trolleybus
Newcastle Transport
97871 Corgi Classics Karrier Trolleybus
Bradford City Transport
97875 Corgi Classics Bristol K Utility Bus
Cardiff Corporation
97885 Corgi Classics Scammell Trailer Caravan
97886 Corgi Classics Scammell Highwayman
97887 Corgi Classics Bedford O Horsebox
97893 Corgi Classics AEC Mercury Truck & Trailer
J Ayers
97894 Corgi Classics AEC Truck & Trailer
97895 Corgi Classics AEC Flatbed & Trailer
British Road Services
97896 Corgi Classics AEC Pole Truck
97897 Corgi Classics Scammell Highwayman
97901 Corgi Classics Leyland Leopard
Midland Red
97910 Corgi Classics Scammell Scarab
Rail Freight
97911 Corgi Classics Scammell Scarab
British Railways
97913 Corgi Classics Scammell Scarab
Rail Freight
97914 Corgi Classics Scammell Scarab
BRS Parcels
97915 Corgi Classics Scammell Highwayman with 2 Trailers
Chipperfields - Blue/Red
97917 Corgi Classics Scammell Scarab
97930 Corgi Classics ERF Tanker
Blue Circle
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