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Condition Grading
Throughout the site all models are given a condition grading. The first letter applies to the model and the second to the box or packaging.
  • A+ = Mint
  • As new Condition
  • A = Excellent
  • Only the slightest faults
  • B = Very Good
  • Some signs of wear
  • C = Good
  • With obvious wear
  • D = Fair
  • Possibly parts missing
  • E = Poor
  • Restoration project only
  • NB = Loose
  • No box or packaging
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Corgi Classics Price Guide Directory Pages

Corgi Classics Price Guide

Showing model numbers 52702-55703

52702 Corgi Classics MACK B Aerial Ladder
Red with Gold trim
52903 Corgi Classics Diamond T620 Dropside Truck
53001 Corgi Classics Mack B Series Rear Mount Ladder
53502 Corgi Classics Mack B/Semi Container
Campbell 66 Express Inc
53602 Corgi Classics Mack B Wrecker
53801 Corgi Classics Mack CF Tower Ladder
Allentown PA
54602 Corgi Classics CTA Fishbowl Coach GM5307
54705 Corgi Classics E 1 Pumper
Hazel Crest II
54902 Corgi Classics E-One 75ft Ladder
Duncan Fire Dept
55201 Corgi Classics Diamond T Ballast (X2)
55301 Corgi Classics Diamond T980
55304 Corgi Classics Diamond T980 Ballast/Girder
55401 Corgi Classics Diamond T980
55601 Corgi Classics Diamond T Wrecker
US Army
55603 Corgi Classics Diamond T Wrecker
Cadzow Heavy Haulage
55604 Corgi Classics Diamond T Wrecker
British Road Services
55605 Corgi Classics Diamont T Wrecker
Blackpool Transport
55609 Corgi Classics Diamond 'T'
56204 Corgi Classics Diamond T620 Semi-Skirted Tanker
CC54508 Corgi Classics Pontiac Firebird
Smokey and the Bandit
CC55106 Corgi Classics Diamond T Wrecker
Glamorgan Fire Service
US53505 Corgi Classics ALF 700 Closed Cab
Red with BPW
US53506 Corgi Classics American La France 700
US53803 Corgi Classics Mack CF Tower
Philadelphia FD
US55703 Corgi Classics Kenworth W925 Semi Tanker
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