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Condition Grading
Throughout the site all models are given a condition grading. The first letter applies to the model and the second to the box or packaging.
  • A+ = Mint
  • As new Condition
  • A = Excellent
  • Only the slightest faults
  • B = Very Good
  • Some signs of wear
  • C = Good
  • With obvious wear
  • D = Fair
  • Possibly parts missing
  • E = Poor
  • Restoration project only
  • NB = Loose
  • No box or packaging
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Corgi Classics Price Guide Directory Pages

Corgi Classics Price Guide

Showing model numbers 18601-20201

18601 Corgi Classics Bedford KM Platform Trailer
British Rail
18701 Corgi Classics Bedford KM Box Lorry
19201 Corgi Classics Bedford S Emergency Tender
Cambridgshire Fire & Rescue
19301 Corgi Classics Bedford S
Blue (Lyons)
19302 Corgi Classics Bedford S
Yellow (Weetabix)
19303 Corgi Classics Thames Trader Van
Yellow/Red (Heinz)
19304 Corgi Classics Bedford S Box Van
Wall's Ice Cream
19401 Corgi Classics Bedford S Sack Truck Set
Ken Thomas Ltd
19601 Corgi Classics Bedford S Bottle Truck Set
Bass Worthington
19701 Corgi Classics Bedford S Lorry
19702 Corgi Classics Bedford S Canvas Back Set
19801 Corgi Classics Bedford S with Flat Trailer
Eddie Stobart
19802 Corgi Classics Bedford S Artic Trailer
JW Richards
19901 Corgi Classics Bedford S Type and Flat Trailer
British Road Services
20001 Corgi Classics Bedford S Type Dropside Lorry
J riding Ltd
20201 Corgi Classics Bedford S Tanker
20202 Corgi Classics Bedford S Tanker
CC20101 Corgi Classics Fowler B6 Road Loco
Norman E Box
CC20103 Corgi Classics Fowler Showmans Locomotive
Dark Blue/Gold
CC20104 Corgi Classics Fowler Showmans Traction Engine
Carters Steam Fair
CC20106 Corgi Classics Fowler B6 Showmans Engine
Anderton & Rowland
CC20107 Corgi Classics Fowler Showmans Engine
John Murphy
CC20110 Corgi Classics Fowler Showmans Loco
Radcliffe & Son
CC20113 Corgi Classics Fowler Crane Road Loco
CC20201 Corgi Classics Foden Dropside Wagon
Newquay Steam Beer
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