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Condition Grading
Throughout the site all models are given a condition grading. The first letter applies to the model and the second to the box or packaging.
  • A+ = Mint
  • As new Condition
  • A = Excellent
  • Only the slightest faults
  • B = Very Good
  • Some signs of wear
  • C = Good
  • With obvious wear
  • D = Fair
  • Possibly parts missing
  • E = Poor
  • Restoration project only
  • NB = Loose
  • No box or packaging
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Brooklin Models Price Guide Directory Pages

Brooklin Models Price Guide

Showing model numbers 1-19

Brooklin Models Price Guide Model Numbers :
1-19 19-29 30-41 42-57 57-99999

BRK1 Brooklin Models 1933 Pierce Arrow
Pale Blue
BRK1x Brooklin Models 1933 Pierce Arrow -Silver Arrow
Dark Blue
BRK10 Brooklin Models 1949 Buick Roadmaster Sedanet
BRK11 Brooklin Models 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II Coupe
BRK11a Brooklin Models 1957 Continental Mk II
BRK12 Brooklin Models 1931 Hudson Greater 8
BRK128 Brooklin Models 1952 Cunningham C-3 Continental Coupe
BRK13A Brooklin Models 1957 Ford Thunderbird
Pale Green
BRK13 Brooklin Models 1956 Ford Thunderbird - Hardtop
BRK13x Brooklin Models Thunderbird Set 1993
Marilyn Monroe
BRK133 Brooklin Models 1934 Buick 96-S Coupe
Royale Blue
BRK14 Brooklin Models 1940 Cadillac V16 Convertible
Metallic Light Brown/Beige
BRK15 Brooklin Models 1949 Mercury 2 Door Coupe
BRK15A Brooklin Models 1950 Mercury Convertible
BRK15x Brooklin Models 1949 Mercury
James Dean Black
BRK16A Brooklin Models 1935 Dodge Van
Blue (City Ice)
BRK16X Brooklin Models 1935 Dodge Pick-Up
Brasilia Press
BRK17 Brooklin Models 1952 Studebaker Champion Starlight Coupe
BRK17X Brooklin Models 1952 Studebaker Commander
Blue (Indianapolis Pace Car)
BRK17A Brooklin Models 1952 Studebaker Convertible
172 Brooklin Models 1937 Lincoln Baron
Dark Blue/Tan
BRK18X Brooklin Models 1941 Packard Clipper Taxi
BRK18A Brooklin Models 1947 Packard Clipper
Dark Blue/Silver
BRK18 Brooklin Models Packard Clipper
BRK19 Brooklin Models 1955 Chrysler C300 Hardtop Coupe
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